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The history of writing Cherrier family for several generations , in the communes of Bué, Sancerre and now Veaugues .

Located in Cher on the left bank of the Loire, 200 km from Paris , the vineyards of Sancerre flourishes in the center of France , covering an area of ​​2800 ha and 14 municipalities.
That of Bue , nestled in a valley surrounded by hills, is one of the finest Sancerre site . This is where Thierry Merlin, since his early tender vines route to and fro . "I know the soil, subsoil, each of these vines ."

The operation is medium in size : 11ha in Sauvignon, Pinot Noir 2ha . The work of the SAS Merlin-Cherrier , producer / grower , is played at all stages : at the size of budding , blooming in the vineyards and in the cellar to ensure the evolution of wine ( flavors , temperatures, farming ... ) . Always work under the sign of respect for the soil and the vine service , and highlighted by the desire to practice farming as a matter of principle for the winemaker " to make a good wine, you need a good grape ." That is why Thierry Merlin makes light size (called Guyot ) and uses the reintroduction of the auxiliary fauna, ladybug others.

Domaine Thierry Merlin Cherrier

43 rue Saint-Vincent
Bué 18300 SANCERRE

Tél. : 02 48 54 06 31